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Instant Isn't Always Gratifying

Jon Norris the person was born in Baltimore, MD during the Spring of 1983, and he lived his life much the same as every man does: he ate and slept, he tried to listen at school, he respected his elders, did his chores, and questioned society as every man must. However, everything changed on August 18th, 2006 when he put down his pencil and picked up a paint brush, for it was in this moment that Jon Norris, The Artist was born. Though he had been drawing since he was four, this shift into painting—what Jon calls “The Way of the Brush”—proved to be the pivotal moment upon which he realized that the nine-to-five life of a house painter could not satisfy his desire for intellectual and creative expression. Since his birth, The Artist Jon Norris has challenged himself to draw inspiration from all aspects of modern human life: from the mundane, seemingly innocuous habits (people who never look up from their cellphones) to the innate existential question of “Why Me?” Within these virtually limitless parameters Jon continues to create an acrylic landscape of paintings that are a seamless amalgam of his brand of cryptic satire within ambiguous and contradictory macrocosms.

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